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Smudge spray infused with black obsidian & clear quartz - fuss free way to cleanse your aura of negative energy and charge your space with high vibration.


♥️ Palo Santo, also known as 'holy wood' is used for centuries to clear negative energy, remove the bad and attract good fortune. Cedarwood rids fear and gives assurance/safety to ypurself and in your environment.


Suitable for people that tends to plan ahead and over think/worry most times.


Hot favorite since launched!


  • Use it as often as you like and particularly good to spray around you and your space after an intense meeting with toxic people. Perfect for home, office and vacation. Do not let others’ negativity get into you to bring you down.

    For cleansing of space/home, spray around you and your space like how you would with a perfume or room spray. (particularly good to spray after a meeting with people that you do not feel comfortable with or after a visit to intense energy places such as hospital/hotel)

    For cleansing of crystals, spray directly on the crystals, rub it and wipe off with a cloth/tissue. 

    All essential oil used in our smudge spray are ethically sourced and we do not add alcohol. We want it to be as natural as possible.

    Shake before use.

    Black obsidian to protect and shield you from all toxicity. Clear quartz to strengthen your auric field.


  • Door step courier at SGD 5.00 and purchases above SGD 120.00 will enjoy free courier.

    For overseas delivery,  please contact us and we will advise freight charges accordingly to weight.