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Desert in Dark

Everything started in 2016 when I was going through a challenging rough patch in life. I decided to take a break from the corporate world and jet off to find peace. As I was walking around in the foreign land looking for some decent mussels for lunch, something caught my eye. Right, I bought my first crystal in this small shop in Auckland, New Zealand! Honestly, I was more interested in wine than crystals despite hearing so many good things about them from people. Moreover, I was spending on savings then! So what did I buy? A crystal skull.

I’m so not a skull person and it's still unexplainable why I bought it. There was this amazing energy that I felt when I held it and it became my companion for the rest of the trip. As I spent my nights chilling, I kept wondering why are there so many people that get fascinated  and believe in crystals. My curiosity grew each day unknowingly. It then became belief after seeing obvious positive changes in myself.

As I started to buy more crystals to display at home and in the office just like every crystal lovers out there, I started to think of how can we benefit more from crystal’s properties in a wider aspect. Besides carrying them around in our bag and wearing them as accessories, which other ways can we incorporate them into our daily lives conveniently? Right, with the idea of providing a holistic approach to crystals, I came up with the proposition of a crystal bottle, fuss free smudge spray and body mist.

Beginning of 2020, me and my girlfriend decided to start a humble business to come together to reach out to more people to share our loves and knowledge of crystals with, and to spread positive vibes around. 

I am involved at every stage of this baby from research to sourcing ingredients and suppliers to paying great attention to detail in selecting products. A Lot of talks, discussions, experiments, arguments with suppliers for months till we are ready to launch Crystal Savasana on 27 July 2020.

We used “Savasana” in our name as we feel everyone needs to take a breather and practise self-love in this fast paced world. Although it might seem to be the easiest pose (Corpse pose) in Yoga, many considered it the hardest one. Savasana is a pose of total relaxation when one lies on one’s back yet many do it with the mind occupied with work, commitments, where to go for dinner etc. We hope everyone can learn to relax our mind & soul completely, and trust the Universe and crystals to work its magic to aid us in achieving our desires.

Having an eye for detail and simply endless love for beautiful things, we will always strive to bring the best to all of you. Still and all, we also understand it is impossible to find a “perfect” piece of crystal/stone.

We strongly believe in listening to your heart when it comes to the amazing world of crystals. To us, there is no right or wrong color/size/shape. Most importantly, it catches your eye and heart. 

We want to be your friend whom you can speak your mind, express your needs and desires for us to offer our humble advice on using specific crystals to aid you to achieve your success!

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